Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Want To Open A Small Cafe Now...

Yes it's that time of the year again...hahha.. my 'quarterly' get together with the girls. We usually do Friday lunch but this time had to make it Thursday hi-tea because Rozi was in Brunei, 2 week holiday from her Phd in Uk and this was the only best time for everyone.

So since we were having tea datang tia semangat ku setting up the table with all my cupcake prints.

This is my homemade Lemon cake, Carrot cake and Banana cake.

We also had quiche, all homemade too. We also made cassadilla do you spell that?? Cassadiya ..urgh I'll find out later! It was all so yummy. And on another table I was serving home made miso soup with soba noodles and tofu and what else was there? a lot!

Fauziah brought a fruit desert...what do you call it?? fruit with all that cream..?? And also made freshly squeezed juice. Healthy huh?!?

*sigh* I just love my cupcake tea set...

So this time round our guest were Rozi, Fauziah, Asmah, Elia, Ardina, Dede and finally, Mrs Busy Sangat, Syida... Yes we appreciate her finally showing up :P

Makan D..!

Ardina late.. working still...

Lily Jasmine... The second youngest or all our kids put together and the only one right now easy to photograph... yang lain kemana kah?!?!

We used to be able to add in all the kids for our usual group photo but this time, since it was a tea thing, our time was limited coz everyone had to get back by Magrib. 
The 4 kids you see here are the ones we could handle but Dede was struggling a bit with her 2 girls over there... little babies are easier... That's wht Firdaus and Lily saja kana bawa bergambar.
Sorry Kasyfi, Alya, Nawi, Iman... and no show Faiq  and Safura. 

As suggested, we will plan an afternoon BBQ before Asmah goes off for her Phd too... IsyaAllah  


Here's Firdaus... grown a little bit more... Nawi wanted him to play so he arranged his tiny toys on his

Rules We Like

Of all the rules, these are most important to us.....

Kasyfi and Nawi's Fun Day at School

Kasyfi with his big eyes!

I like how the older kids are involved with helping the kindy kids in their Fun Day.

Kathy... boiling hot n ready to explode..LOL

Nawi about to take his water break..

I don't know what it is..??? When I'm not around I'm told the kids behave very well, but when I turn up they're all in their moodiest mood!! aarrgghh!! this is Nawi giving me the 'cold shoulder' for whatever reason..I have no idea..?!?

Ani jua... I was watching Kasyfi from far and he was participating normally in the games until I showed up and that was it...malas tia! Teachers had to literally beg him to join in! argh! sasak ku!!

Here, Kasyfi menyamaling for whatever reason...?? antah?!?! teachers believe it may be the fact that Firdaus was just born and the two big boys were just feeling the drop in attention...maybe?? perhaps?

Time ani macam orang on strike! Sitting it out...

Finally decided to join in... I think this one they liked coz it involved eggs....when I was a kid I remember I always participated in egg race too....LOL

This ones cute too.... something just amusing about tossing balls in the air like that...

Us against the world....

Nawi with sludge on his hands!

Ok this is me with the kids... only few weeks after Firdaus' birth and so this explains why I'm looking so mummy-ish!

This looks like Sara?? Is this must be otherwise why would I be photographing a random kid! She's in Kasyfi's class... cute huh...I remember when they were still little kiddies